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Natural Hog Casing - Size: 32-35mm

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Discover the joy of making your own sausages with this Natural Hog Casings Home Pack. With 50 feet of casings, you can stuff up to 15-20 lbs of savory sausages. Get ready to create delicious links you and your family will love!

Directions for use: Rinse and soak only what you plan on using for making sausages. Rinse off salt from the casings, soak in warm water, 98°F to 110°F (37°C to 44°C) for 15 to 30 minutes until they become fully pliable. To accelerate the soaking process, agitate the casings gently in the warm water. Leftover casing should be resealed in the package they came in with salt and stored under refrigeration to preserve quality. 

Directions for stuffing: Slide end of casing over the stuffing horn, fill the casing slowly holding the casing to the stuffing horn as it is filled. If a large air bubble forms prick the casting with a needle or toothpick. If the casing tears stop the grinder, tie the casing off at the trar and continue stuff. When fully stuffed twist the casing to form links. 3 to 5 turns. 
Size: 32-35mm
Ingredients: Pork casings, salt
No artificial ingredients or GMO's used, minimally processed. 
Product of Denmark or Germany
Refrigerate after opening