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Synthetic Trio Pack

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Enhance your hunting strategy with the Synthetic Trio Pack, designed to attract mature bucks with a powerful combination of synthetic deer urine scents. This comprehensive package includes one 2oz Syn-Bewitched, one 2oz Syn-Misfortune, and one 2oz Syn-Ecstasy, providing an effective solution for your hunting needs.

Syn-Bewitched: Formulated to replicate our 100% Bewitched Pure Whitetail Doe in Estrus urine, Syn-Bewitched is one of our top-selling products. It draws Whitetail Bucks close during the rut and attracts both doe and fawn, making it deadly on all age classes of Whitetail Buck.

Syn-Misfortune: This synthetic deer urine draws and challenges a Dominant Whitetail Buck in your area. Syn-Misfortune closely represents our top seller Misfortune and pairs especially well with Syn-Bewitched.

Syn-Ecstasy: Our Syn-Ecstasy Peak Rut Blend is infused with Vaginal, Anal, Tarsal, and Interdigital Glands, creating supercharged synthetic estrus for the peak of the rut. This blend offers superior attraction compared to traditional doe in estrus scents.

Benefits of Synthetic Deer Urine

The Synthetic Trio Pack offers a complete scent solution, making your hunting area highly attractive to deer. Additionally, the synergy of Syn-Bewitched, Syn-Misfortune, and Syn-Ecstasy creates a potent scent trail that holds deer in your hunting zone. Moreover, the synthetic deer urine formulas do not require refrigeration, making them convenient and easy to use.

Why Choose the Synthetic Trio Pack?

Achieve outstanding hunting success with this all-inclusive scent package. Furthermore, the advanced synthetic deer urine formulas ensure long-lasting effectiveness and are designed to withstand various weather conditions. This package is ideal for hunters looking to enhance their strategy with reliable and potent synthetic deer urine scents.

Elevate Your Hunting Experience Today!

In conclusion, choose the Synthetic Trio Pack to transform your hunting adventures. Experience the superior quality and performance of these premium synthetic deer urine scents. Therefore, order now and see the remarkable difference!


  • Product Name: Synthetic Trio Pack
  • Includes: 1 Syn-Bewitched (2oz), 1 Syn-Misfortune (2oz), 1 Syn-Ecstasy (2oz)
  • Effect: Attracts dominant bucks
  • Features: No refrigeration required