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The 2022 Hunting Season

The 2022 Hunting Season

We have had an overwhelming request for Scent Dabs to be added to our product line up and this season we are delivering on your request! Additionally to that request, we have introduced many new products such as Fat Rax MineralSynthetic Urines and Ecstasy, a new way to supercharge the experience when the peak of the rut is underway.

While we may have added many new great products, our Bewitched and Misfortune received a new look, yet we hold the same great product inside. Start and manage your scrapes year around like myself with Misfortune and Bewitched during the rutting season. Ecstasy will be my go to now during the peak rut while Bewitched will be primarily used for pre and post rut hunts.

Get your hunt on today. Attract and hold deer close to where you hunt with our wide range of products from mock scrapes, licking branches, and mineral sites. We appreciate your support and we look forward to our continued growth and expansion. Keep an eye out as we bring you the hottest new products to use during your hunt.

- Shawn & Dawn -

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