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Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent

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Enhancing Scrape and Rub Activity with Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent

Seeking to boost your hunting success? Look no further than Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent. Crafted with precision and expertise, this scent is designed to enhance scrape and rub activity, attracting deer to your hunting spot with ease.

Benefits & Features

Moreover, it enhances scrape activity, enticing deer to your hunting spot with its authentic wild deer gland scent. Conveniently, the user-friendly drip bottle design ensures effortless and precise application, thereby optimizing its effectiveness. What's more, each purchase includes a 1-ounce bottle, providing plenty for multiple uses.

What makes our gland scent stand out?

Mystic distinguishes itself with its carefully curated blend of deer glands, chosen to replicate the scent of a wild deer. Unlike other products, Mystic captures the essence of natural deer scent, making it highly effective in attracting deer.

Not seeing enough activity on your mock scrapes?

For hunters seeking to enhance their hunting success, Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent offers a solution that significantly increases scrape and rub activity. Additionally, it attracts deer to their hunting sites with unmatched effectiveness. By harnessing the power of natural deer glands, Mystic elevates the hunting experience, providing hunters with a reliable tool to lure deer and increase their chances of a successful hunt.


  • Product Name: Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent
  • Volume: 1 ounce
  • Application: Drip bottle
  • Ingredients: Blend of deer glands (forehead, tear duct, ear wax, saliva)


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Chris Hurst
      If u build it they will come!

      One of the products i used successfully to start all my mock scrapes with along with the limb licker and misfortune! It works try it!

      Julian Rodriguez
      Must have every season!!

      Use this on every scrape I find or make. Keeps the deer interested on my scrapes. The gland scent is hands down the ELITE of gland scents. Prove me wrong try it your self


      So alongside the limblicker I use the preorbital scent. I’ll drip it down my rope or limbs above a scrape and let it work it’s magic! I’ll also throw this on the tree trunk near scrapes and the deer will tear them up!

      Greg kellogg
      Mystic is great

      Deer love this stuff and it only takes few drops on them licking branches does fawns it don’t matter they all try to get to the licking branches with this product on it!


      Most definitely recommended only few drops that’s all you need!!