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Munchies Deer Feed

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Attract Deer All Year with Munchies Deer Feed!

Want to bring deer in regularly? Try Munchies Deer Feed. It's made with a special mix of grains and has 17% protein, so deer love it no matter the season. Say goodbye to occasional deer visits and hello to lots of wildlife around!

Benefits of the Premium Blend for Year-Round Deer Attraction

  • Expertly Crafted: Munchies is carefully made with a blend of grains that deer enjoy.
  • Good for Any Season: Whether it's hot or cold outside, this feed keeps deer interested.
  • High Protein: With 17% protein, it helps deer stay healthy and keeps them coming back.
  • Consistent Deer Visits: No more waiting for deer to show up. Munchies keeps them coming back regularly.

What Makes Munchies Deer Feed Stand Out?

Munchies stands out for its top-quality ingredients, ensuring irresistible attraction for deer. Additionally, it works effectively year-round, distinguishing itself from other feeds. Moreover, it has earned the trust of hunters and nature enthusiasts alike with its proven results.

Tired of waiting for deer? 

Munchies Deer Feed is the answer you've been looking for. Additionally, its tasty blend of grains and high protein content guarantee that deer will visit often, thereby turning your space into a wildlife haven.

Specifications and Info

  • Size: 10lb Bag
  • Ingredients: Special blend of grains
  • Protein: 17%
  • Suitable for: Any season
  • Great for: Consistent deer visits

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love this stuff

Increase camera activity!. Works amazing!!

Jarrett Swan
Munchies work

Munchies definitely attracts deer we went from 1-3 every couple days to 5+ daily on the camera. This product is awesome


TOP NOTCH ATTRACT FOR YOUR HERD. I have in the past used bagged corn mixed with big name mineral and just got low quantity of pictures. Been using the munchies for 3 years now and it has blown up my data. I’m getting anywhere from 7-800 pictures a week. They just love the munchies. Kinda like I love the munchies mix for humans!

Harry Wolfe
It definitely attracts deer!

I put out Munchies in combination With Fat Rax and have over a 1000 pic in about 3wks! The best feed that I've seen by far!


Awesome product