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The Story Of Jinx'em Scents / Jinx'em Invite X-Tream


    Let's start out with a big Jinx'em Welcome!!! Whether you got here through a friend's referral, an online search, or a returning customer, we are very happy to have you and hope you have an awesome experience exploring our site and our great products.
    Hi, I'm Shawn Jenks owner and founder of Jinx'em Scents. I would also like you to meet my wonderful partner in crime/fiancee Dawn Johnson.
    Jinx'em Scents hit the scene in April of 2015 and took the outdoor industry by storm. Most recently, I along with Dawn purchased an existing mineral/food plot seed company that had an excellent track record that not only provided great customer service and products, but also gelled very nicely with Jinx'em Scents current line up. In late 2021 Invite X-Tream was purchased expanding our current line up exponentially. Our goal is to provide our customers with top notch products as well as fantastic customer service. We take great pride in going above and beyond what any other company in the outdoor industry is providing. We are very aware that many companies in the industry are offering products that are sub-par at best with many of them being outright garbage.
    With over 60 years of combined hunting experience between us, you can trust that our products have been field tested, used, and proven. The bottom line is this... If it doesn't perform in the field, we will not use, promote, or sell it to you. It's just that simple. We have never nor will we ever use a product that doesn't produce great results for us. With that being said you can rest easy knowing that all Jinx'em products are the best money can buy and used by us personally.
    Thank you for your interest in Jinx'em products and we wish you all continued success in the field. Don't settle for second best... Choose the BEST... Choose  Jinx'em...
                                                    Shawn & Dawn