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🚚Guaranteed delivery if ordered by Dec.16
🚚Guaranteed delivery if ordered by Dec.16

About us


The Jinx'em Story 

Jinx'em Scents hit the scene in April of 2015 and took the outdoor industry by storm. Whether you got here through a friend's referral, an online search, or a returning customer, we are very happy to have you and hope you have an awesome experience exploring our site and our great products. 
Hi, I'm Shawn Jenks owner and founder of Jinx'em Scents. As of recent, I meet this amazing woman who is now my partner in crime/wife Dawn Co-Owner and CEO of Jinx'em Scents.  Dawn and I hit it off great, we both share a passion for the outdoors and business. We realized really quick we would connect and share a journey of fun together.
In late 2021, Dawn & I purchased a well-known existing mineral/food plot seed company that had an excellent track record that not only provided great products but leading class in customer service and we are striving to carry that tradition on through us. We bring you a line of products named the Jinx'em Invite X-Tream.   This will help further our continued growth of Jinx'em Scents and bring you a product to pair with Jinx'em Scents. Our mission is to continue the expansion of product availability. We will continue to deliver the service qualities you expect from us. 
Dawn and I have over 60 years of combined hunting experience using a wide range and many types of products throughout the years. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure we are taking critical steps to bring you new products. Our products go through an R&D phase, and they are field-tested with a minimum time frame so we can positively say these results are what you will see with using our products.
    Thank you for your interest to review who we are. Dawn and I here at Jinx'em Scents wish you all continued success in the field and remember to contact us anytime.  We are here to help you succeed or talk about the great outdoors. But remember DON'T settle for second-best... Choose the BEST... Choose  Jinx'em...

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