About Us

The Story Of Jinx'em Scents

How Jinx'em Scents started. Well it all began on the morning of July 29th 1966 when the world was introduced to Shawn Jenks the eventual owner of Jinx'em Scents!
Jinx'em Scents began because of a couple reasons. One was because I had a scent sponsor for my outdoor page Jinx'em Outdoors. From the beginning of the partnership communication was almost non existent. I spent the next couple months trying to contact the company via email, phone, and text messages to no avail. I began the search for a new scent sponsor.
This next company started off great getting product and apparel. However this was short lived and the owner literally disappeared off the face of the earth. Shortly after this I was injured on the job completely tearing my MCL in my right knee. Workman's comp was great... However my employer not so much. It got to the point that my workers comp representative was like, wow your employer is horrible, they are calling us demanding that we release you to return to work, they even made calls to my Doctor demanding they release me.
She was like is there anything else that you can do? Do you have any hobbies that you could turn into a business? To backtrack a little i had another scent company contact me about trying their scent. When they first asked I was still with the 2nd company I had picked up. So I turned them down. But they continued to inquire every few weeks. I finally said OK send me some and I will try it. When I received it I immediately put it to work and was blown away by the results. So all of this was going on simultaneously, having great results and my workers comp rep. pushing me to do my own business with what my passion that I love which is HUNTING!
I turned a couple friends onto the scent and didn't tell them my results. I actually told them I'm not sharing my results, I want you to use it and tell me your results. After a week both friends reported their results. Both started the conversation with, What the hell is in that? Nothing I replied just 100% pure deer urine. My one friend made the comment saying you should see if he would sell you this in bulk and start your own business. Then the light bulb turned on in my head and said there is the business my workers comp rep was talking about.
Now this is something I am hard-core passionate about and knew that I could provide customer service above and beyond what these other two companies I had that I partnered with. Of course my current partner was more than happy to sell me bulk urine and so came the introduction of Jinx'em Scents!!! Our goal is to provide customers with a great product and the absolute best customer service in the business. As the business grows my goal is to introduce more and more products to the Jinx'em Scents line-up.