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Limb Licker - Curiosity Deer Scent

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Boost your hunting success with Limb Licker, a curiosity deer scent designed to attract bucks, does, and fawns. This unique scent draws deer in, making it perfect for mock or real scrape licking branches. Additionally, Limb Licker helps bring deer to your hunting grounds, enhancing your hunting success.

Benefits of Curiosity Deer Scent:

  • Curiosity Deer Scent: Attracts deer by piquing their interest.
  • Attracts All Deer Types: Effective for bucks, does, and fawns.
  • Relaxes the Herd: Moreover, it calms and attracts deer.
  • Increases Activity: Consequently, it boosts deer presence in your hunting area.
  • Encourages Communication: Furthermore, it promotes natural deer interactions.
  • Long-Lasting Formula: Ensures continuous attraction throughout your hunt.
  • Easy Application: Simply apply to branches or scrapes for best results.

Why Choose Limb Licker?

Don't leave your hunting trip to chance. Therefore, use Limb Licker to enhance your hunting strategy. This curiosity deer scent gives you the upper hand by creating an irresistible aroma. Its unique blend ensures unmatched effectiveness.

Enhance Your Hunting Experience Today!

In conclusion, choose Limb Licker to make your hunting adventures more successful. Finally, order now and see the difference in quality and performance!


  • Effect: Attracts bucks, does, and fawns
  • Use: Mock or real scrape licking branches
  • Benefits: Increases activity, encourages herd communication
  • Volume: 2 oz bottle
  • Ingredients: Proprietary blend of curiosity scents

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chad Fitch

One of the best products on the market I love this stuff and so does the deer

Limb licker

I apply this product to ropes and limbs above scrapes and mock scrapes.
Activity picked up quite a bit.

Chris Hurst
The real deal

I have placed this on every limb above the scrapes along with the Mystic orbital gland and have had deer on camera the same day every time. This stuff works!


Deer loved it. 15 min after sraping this I had a deer on camera licking limb licker.


Been using on mock scrapes and been haveing success.