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Fat Rax Mineral

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Fat Rax Mineral is formulated to attract and hold deer providing key nutrients deer need. 

  • Maximum antler growth
  • Attract & holds deer
  • Key nutrients for better health
  • Provides nutritional values to nursing doe's
  • Keeps deer coming back
  • Thrive 365

Fat Rax Mineral is formulated to provide deer with the key nutrients to increase the max potential for antler growth. Fat Rax also provides the nutrients for a nursing doe to sustain a healthy supply of milk during the spring when foliage and other nutritional food supply is not in abundance. We recommend to use Fat Rax Mineral 365 days year.

When to use?
• Use year around especially during the winter and spring months when the nutritional food supply is not in abundance.
Where to apply?
• A decaying stump or directly to the ground.
How to use?
• Dump directly to the stump or the ground that is clear of any debry in area that is 2ft by 2ft.
• Refreshing the mineral site. You should refresh a 3lb bag site every 2-3 weeks while the 8lb bag site should be refreshed every 3-4 weeks.

*Refer to our Regional Rut Guide Tab to determine approximately what phase of the rut your in.

Determine what phase of the rut your hunting location is in with our exclusive Regional Rut Guide Map that is coming soon!

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