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Syn-Misfortune Spliff Stix - Deer Scent Incense

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Experience unmatched attraction with our Misfortune Spliff Stix, the ultimate deer scent incense infused with dominant buck urine. This deer scent incense creates a potent scent trail that leads deer right to your stand. First, light a stick and let the scent-infused smoke travel downwind. Moreover, our incense sticks are made from pure and natural materials, ensuring a clean burn with no toxins.

Product Features:

  • Synthetic Deer Scent Infused: Mimics the natural scent of dominant buck urine to attract deer effectively.
  • Pure and Natural: Made from high-quality materials for a clean and safe burn.
  • Extended Burn Time: Each stick burns for approximately 45 to 60 minutes, perfect for extended hunting sessions.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each package contains 6 Spliff Stix, providing ample supply for multiple hunting trips.

Why Choose Misfortune Spliff Stix Deer Scent Incense?

Don't leave your next hunting trip to chance. Therefore, harness the power of scent with our Misfortune Spliff Stix deer scent incense. These incense sticks are your reliable companion, creating a potent scent trail that ensures you have the upper hand in the wild. Furthermore, with their impressive burn time and toxin-free formula, they are a must-have for any serious hunter.

Enhance Your Hunting Experience Today!

In conclusion, choose Misfortune Spliff Stix deer scent incense to make your hunting adventures unforgettable. Finally, order now and experience the difference that quality scent attraction can make!


  • Synthetic Deer Scent Infused
    Pure and Natural Sticks
    Clean Burn, No Toxins
    Extended Burn Time
    Contains 6 Spliff Stix per pkg 

Customer Reviews

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It’s great to use as a cover scent walking into the field. Set it by your scrap or tree stand and lasts about 35-45 mins