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XX Woodland Forage Mix

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Original price $35.99
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Available early 2023

XX Woodland Forage 

This fall food plot mix contains

  • Rye Grass
  • Rapeseed
  • Clover


Plant: August


A blend of Ryegrass, Rape and Clover especially formulated to grow in hard-to-reach timber openings

A great food plot for homey hold spots within timber

A very fast-growing food plot as it typically reached maturity within approximately 45 days

Great for Fall Planting

Very high germination rate

Only requires 4-6 hours of filtering sunlight daily

A ph. of 5.5 but the higher the ph. the better the result

Planting Instructions:  Find area and make sure it is clear of all debris.  If the area is green, apply Roundup to the area to be planted.  Wait 10 days them till area 4-6 inches deep.  Broadcast seed and roll seed in.  Seed to soil contact a must.

Available in 1/4-acre bags- Larger custom amounts available upon request.

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