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Synthetic Trio Pack

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Get your hunt started with the Synthetic Urine Bundle. 

  • One 2oz Syn-Bewitched
  • One 2oz Syn-Misfortune
  • One 2oz Syn-Ecstasy

-Syn-Bewitched was formulated to replicate our 100% Bewitched Pure Whitetail Doe in Estrus urine line.   Bewitched is one of our top selling products and is used exclusively to draw Whitetail Bucks in close and personal during the rut. Syn-Bewitched has been known to attract both Doe and Fawn with frequency but is deadly on all age classes of Whitetail Buck. 

Syn-Misfortune is used to draw and challenge a Dominant Whitetail Buck in your area. Misfortune is one of our top selling scent attractants and we introduced our new synthetic blend that closely represents that of our number one seller Misfortune. Pair Syn-Misfortune with our Syn-Bewitched that represents a doe in estrus.

-Syn-Ecstasy Peak Rut Blend urine is infused with Vaginal, Anal, Tarsal and Interdigital Glands which is used exclusively during the peak of the rut. Giving you the supercharged synthetic estrus over synthetic traditional doe in estrus. 

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