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Rax Sax Drip Bags- Persimmon

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Rax Sax Mineral Drip Bags- Persimmon Flavored Mineral Drip

  • Hang in a tree
  • Water activated
  • Provides deer essential minerals
  • 2-1.17# bags and rope to hang

Discover Rax Sax- a deer mineral drip that invite deer to visit your property! Our Persimmon flavored deer mineral supplement is a must-have for any deer hunter. Our unique formula provides the nutrients deer need to stay healthy, while the irresistible taste and aroma of Persimmon will lure them to your hunting grounds. Be ready for the hunt with Rax Sax Deer Mineral Drip!

When to use?
• Use year around especially during the winter and spring months when the nutritional food supply is not in abundance.
Where to apply?
• A decaying stump or directly to the ground.
How to use?
• Dump directly to the stump or the ground that is clear of any debris in the area that is 2ft by 2ft.
• Optimize the results of Fat Rax by refreshing the mineral site every 3 to 4 weeks.

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