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Rax Sax Mineral Drip- Persimmon

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Rax Sax Mineral Drip Bags- Persimmon Flavored Mineral Drip

  • Hang in a tree
  • Water activated
  • Provides deer essential minerals
  • Contains two 1.15lb sacks and ropes to hang

Discover Rax Sax- a deer mineral drip that invite deer to visit your property! Our Persimmon flavored deer mineral supplement is a must-have for any deer hunter. Our unique formula provides the nutrients deer need to stay healthy, while the irresistible taste and aroma of Persimmon will lure them to your hunting grounds. Be ready for the hunt with Rax Sax Deer Mineral Drip!

Rax Sax Mineral Drip Bags - Persimmon Flavored Mineral Drip: Quick Setup Guide

1. Hang in a Tree:
• Locate a sturdy tree branch in your hunting area.
• Use the provided ropes to securely hang the Rax Sax bags at deer head height.
2. Water Activated:
• Ensure the bags are positioned where rain can reach them.
• The mineral drip activates with rain, releasing essential minerals for deer.
3. Provides Deer Essential Minerals:
• Watch as deer are attracted to the irresistible flavor.
• The mineral blend supports their health and keeps them coming back.
• Each package includes two 1.15lb mineral drip bags and ropes for easy installation.
5. Discover Rax Sax:
• Elevate your hunting experience with Rax Sax Deer Mineral Drip.
• Enhance your property, attract deer, and be prepared for a successful hunt!

*Note: Follow local regulations for the use of mineral supplements in hunting areas.*

Customer Reviews

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Rax sax

Persimmon rax sax smell amazing. Hung in a tree above my mineral site.
When it rains the bag gets saturated and drips fresh mineral into my site to keep it fresh and activated


Stuff smells amazingly good!
Hung on a tree limb about 7 feet above my mineral site. When it rains the bag gets wet and drips fresh mineral straight onto the site, keeping it refreshed and activated!

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