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Hex Stix

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The NEW Jinx'em Hex Stix! 

  • Revolutionary scent dispersion technology.
  • Enjoy effortless usability, convenience, and mess-free operation.
  • Easily load your preferred Scent Dabs.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Jinx'em Scent Wix for versatile scent application.
  • Disperse enticing scents throughout your hunting area for optimal results.

Discover the Jinx'em Hex Stix, a revolutionary scent dispenser that redefines your hunting experience. This innovative device is designed for ultimate ease of use, unmatched convenience, mess-free operation, and, above all, exceptional effectiveness.

Pair it with our exclusive Scent Dabs to elevate your hunting game. Simply open the Hex Stix and effortlessly fill it with your choice of Scent Dabs. Plus, it's compatible with our brand-new Jinx'em Scent Wix, allowing you to soak the wick and insert it into the Hex Stix for added versatility.

Take your hunting strategy to the next level by strategically hanging the Hex Stix around your stand or blind location. This strategic placement ensures the seamless dispersal of enticing scents throughout your hunting area, giving you a competitive edge in the field. Embrace the future of hunting with the Jinx'em Hex Stix.


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