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Bewitched Scent Dabs

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Unleash the power of Bewitched Scent Dabs, made from 100% fresh pure urine of a Whitetail Doe in Estrus. These scent dabs are designed to attract mature bucks using the potent scent of doe in estrus urine.

Benefits & Features

  • Doe in Estrus: The scent triggers the primal instincts of mature bucks.
  • Attracts Mature Bucks: It is perfect for drawing in mature whitetail bucks.
  • Longer Lasting Scent: Designed to retain a longer, more natural state, preventing the fresh deer urine from drying up.
  • Consistent Scent Release: These dabs provide a consistent scent release, ensuring your hunting area remains attractive to bucks.
  • Create New Scrapes: Additionally, they are ideal for creating new scrapes.
  • Add to Existing Scrapes: Furthermore, they enhance the effectiveness of existing scrapes.
  • 4 Ounce Container: The convenient size is perfect for multiple uses.

What Makes Bewitched Doe Estrus Scent Dabs Stand Out?

Jinx'em Scent Dabs use a specialized polymer capsule designed to retain the freshness of the urine. Therefore, this prevents the scent from fading, providing a longer and more consistent release. These scent dabs are perfect for mock scrapes, offering a longer and more effective scent release while reducing the need for frequent refreshing. The use of fresh deer urine and doe in estrus makes them highly effective.

Reliable Deer Attractant

For hunters seeking a reliable and potent deer attractant, Bewitched Scent Dabs are the perfect solution. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to the game, our fresh deer urine scent dabs provide a powerful tool for luring in mature bucks and maintaining effective scrapes.


  • Product Type: Fresh Deer Urine Scent Dabs
  • Scent: Doe Estrus
  • Size: 4 Ounce Container
  • Usage: Apply to create new scrapes or enhance existing scrapes for consistent scent release
  • Packaging: Specialized polymer capsules to retain freshness
  • Please Note: Fresh deer urine scent dabs require refrigeration do not freeze

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