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Rax Sax Mineral Drip- Peanut Butter

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Hang these water-activated mineral drip bags in trees to provide essential minerals to deer. Additionally, each pack includes two 1.15lb sacks with ropes for hanging. Discover Rax Sax - a deer mineral drip inviting deer to your property! Our Peanut Butter flavored supplement is a must-have for hunters, offering necessary nutrients and an irresistible taste.

Benefits & Features of Deer Mineral Drip

  • Irresistible Persimmon Flavor: Infused with Peanut Butter, it's the ultimate deer mineral, enticing deer to your property.
  • Essential Mineral Content: Provides deer with the necessary minerals for health, ensuring their return.
  • Easy to Use: Hang in trees, activate with water, no complex setup.
  • Long-Lasting: Each pack contains two 1.15lb sacks for a sustained supply.

What Makes this Mineral Stand Out?

Rax Sax stands out with it's unique Peanut Butter flavor, specifically designed to attract deer. Furthermore, as the ultimate deer mineral, it not only provides essential nutrients but also appeals to deer's senses, maximizing effectiveness for hunters.

Tired of waiting for deer?

Rax Sax Mineral Drip Bags offer the ultimate solution, actively luring deer to your hunting grounds with enticing Peanut Butter flavor. Consequently, say goodbye to endless waiting and hello to a bountiful hunting season with Rax Sax.


  • Flavor: Peanut Butter
  • Weight: Two 1.15lb sacks
  • Activation: Water activated
  • Includes: Ropes for hanging

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Dan Copeland
    Jinx’em minerals are making a big impact on my hunting.

    Hang a bag. Wait a week and deer are on it everyday.

    Allen Lee
    Rax sax drip peanut butter

    You want to see a deer get on it's hine legs tie one of these up in a tree, they love them!