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Reusable Scent Bags

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Discover the perfect solution for consistent scent release with our Deer Hunting Disposable Scent Bags. Formulated to hold any of our Scent Dabs, these bags provide a reliable and long-lasting way to enhance your hunting strategy. Therefore, using these bags will improve your hunting success.

Benefits & Features

  • Longer Lasting: Ensures the scent remains potent and effective for extended periods.
  • Consistent Scent Release: Designed to release scent evenly, maximizing your hunting success.
  • Eco-Friendly Material: Made from biodegradable fabric, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Convenient Size: Each bag measures 4"x 3" and comes with ties for easy hanging.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for hanging within shooting distance of your stand or blind.

What Makes Our Deer Hunting Disposable Scent Bags Stand Out?

Moreover, these disposable scent bags are specifically designed to work with our Scent Dabs, providing a customizable and effective solution. Unlike other options, our bags offer a sustainable and effective choice, ensuring you always have a potent scent at your disposal. Consequently, this makes your hunting experience more successful.

Reliable Scent Solution

For hunters seeking a reliable and eco-friendly solution, our disposable scent bags are the perfect choice. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to hunting, these bags provide a powerful tool for attracting game. Therefore, simply fill the bag with your chosen Scent Dabs and strategically hang it within shooting distance of your stand or blind.


  • Product Type: Deer Hunting Disposable Scent Bags
  • Material: Biodegradable Fabric
  • Size: 4"x 3" with ties
  • Usage: Fill with Scent Dabs and hang strategically
  • Scent Dabs Sold Separately: Customize your scent by choosing from our range of Scent Dabs