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Synthetic Trophy Buck Scrape Package

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The Synthetic Trophy Buck package includes:

  • 2 Syn-Misfortune
  • 1 Limb Licker
  • 1 Syn-Misfortune Scents Dabs
  • 1 Mystic

Limb Licker, the secret blend that strikes curiosity. Its irresistible scent attracts bucks, does, and fawns, relaxes the herd, and increases activity. Use it on scrape licking branches for maximum effect. Pair it with Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent and Syn-Misfortune to enhance scrape activity. Syn-Misfortune Urine, attracts dominant bucks all year around. Pair it with Syn-Misfortune Scent Dabs, offering longer-lasting and consistent scent release. Order now and unleash the power of these premium scents.