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Synthetic Trophy Buck Scrape Package

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Upgrade your hunting strategy with the Synthetic Trophy Buck Scrape Package, designed to attract mature bucks with a potent combination of synthetic deer urine scents. This premium package includes two Syn-Misfortune, one Limb Licker, one Syn-Misfortune Scent Dabs, and one Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent, ensuring a comprehensive scent solution for your hunting needs.

Limb Licker: This secret blend stimulates curiosity among bucks, does, and fawns, increasing herd activity. Additionally, apply it on scrape licking branches for maximum effectiveness.

Syn-Misfortune: Specially formulated synthetic deer urine that attracts dominant bucks year-round. Moreover, pair it with Syn-Misfortune Scent Dabs for a longer-lasting, consistent scent release.

Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent: enhances scrape activity and complements the other scents in the package for a powerful attraction effect.

Unmatched Benefits

The Synthetic Trophy Buck Scrape Package provides a complete scent solution, making your hunting area highly attractive to deer. Additionally, the synergy of Limb Licker, Syn-Misfortune, and Mystic creates a potent scent trail that holds deer in your hunting zone. Moreover, the synthetic deer urine formulas do not require refrigeration, making them convenient and easy to use.

Why Choose the Synthetic Synthetic deer urine Scrape Package?

Achieve outstanding hunting success with this all-inclusive scent package. Furthermore, the advanced synthetic deer urine formulas ensure long-lasting effectiveness and are designed to withstand various weather conditions. This package is ideal for hunters looking to enhance their strategy with reliable and potent synthetic deer urine scents.

Elevate Your Hunting Experience Today! In conclusion, choose the Synthetic Trophy Buck Scrape Package to transform your hunting adventures. Experience the superior quality and performance of these premium synthetic scents. Therefore, order now and see the remarkable difference!


  • Product Name: Synthetic Trophy Buck Scrape Package
  • Includes: 2 Syn-Misfortune, 1 Limb Licker, 1 Syn-Misfortune Scent Dabs, 1 Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent
  • Effect: Attracts dominant bucks
  • Features: No refrigeration required, longer lasting, consistent scent release