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Misfortune is a 100% Pure Fresh Whitetail Dominant Buck Urine.
  • Whitetail Dominant Buck
  • Attract & Challenge Mature Bucks
  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • Harvested Fresh, Bottled & Frozen
Misfortune is a natural Dominant Buck Urine used to draw and challenge the dominant Whitetail Bucks in your area. Misfortune is one of our top selling scent attractant products along with our Bewitched.

When to use?
• Use year around to maintain mock scrapes and during all phase of the rut. pre-rut, peak-rut, and post-rut.
Where to apply?
• Some users have found results when using a scent drag and starting it approximately 100 to 300 yards before arriving to your stand location.
• Create a new mock scrape and or refresh current mock scrapes. Also works well when applied to natural active scraps that deer are maintaining.
How much to use?
• Uncap the bottle of urine apply to scent drags and/or scent wicks, fully insert the scent wick or drag and let soak up the urine for approximately 10 to 15 seconds or until fully saturated.
• Use 12-15 drops when creating new mock scrapes and use about 8-10 drops once a week when maintaining scrapes.

*Refer to our Regional Rut Guide Tab to determine approximately what phase of the rut your in.

Determine what phase of the rut your hunting location is in with our exclusive Regional Rut Guide Map that is coming soon!

Shipping Notice

Pure urine products ship Monday-Wednesday only to ensure fresh delivery.
*NOTE: All other products ship normally.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris Hurst
Bucks and Does using the scrapes

The perfect triple threat for all your mock scrapes is Misfortune, Mystic, and Limb Licker.. I have had deer in the scrapes the same day I have made them!!! This stuff works!

Todd Stephenson
Excellent Product!!

If you need to get an "inventory" of deer in your hunting area, this is an amazing tool. Use it to create mock scrapes and deer will continually visit these scrapes. 100% recommend!!

Racks-N-Tracks Taxidermy
Want amazing buck pee look no further

Try it and find out for yourself. Spring, summer, fall or winter. building mock scrapes with jinx'em scents buck urine will help increase your odds.
Come check some out and smell the difference

Jake Stone
Dominate buck urine.

I’ve used other a lot of the big name brands and they don’t compare to this product.
For a couple more bucks it’s well with it!

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