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Xtream Perennial

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Xtream Perennial - Packed with 35% protein to help wildlife thrive.

This spring or fall blend contains.

  • Clover
  • Chicory
  • Alfalfa

Enjoy lush, high-yielding food plots with Xtream Perennial Plot Blend. Our unique blend of clovers, alfalfa and chicory is packed with 35% protein to help wildlife thrive, and ensures your food plot will last year after year. Plant Xtream Perennial and see the difference!


Planting Instructions: Apply Roundup to the area to be planted.  Have a soil test done to determine ph. level.  Wait 14 days than add calcium or magnesium lime to brin ph. up as needed.  Till in lime, broadcast see and roll in, Seed to soil-it is important not to bury seed for best results.

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