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Syn-Bewitched - 12 Pack

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Syn-Bewitched Urine is formulated to represent our pure Bewitched.

  • Half Case=12 Units
  • Units=2oz Bottles
  • Doe in Estrus
  • Synthetic Urine
  • Attract Mature Bucks
  • No Refrigeration Required
  • Use in states that ban fresh harvested urine from Whitetail Deer

Syn-Bewitched was formulated to replicate our 100% Bewitched Pure Whitetail Doe in Estrus urine line.   Bewitched is one of our top selling products and is used exclusively to draw Whitetail Bucks in close and personal during the rut. Syn-Bewitched has been known to attract both Doe and Fawn with frequency but is deadly on all age classes of Whitetail Buck. 

When to use?
• Use during all phase of the rut. pre-rut, peak-rut, and post-rut.
Where to apply?
• Apply to a scent drag approximately 100 to 300 yards before arriving to your stand location.
• Apply to a current mock scrap or create a new one. Also works well when applied to a natural active scraps are deer maintaining.
• Soak a scent wick and hang within shooting distance of your hunting stand location.
How much to use?
• Uncap the bottle of urine apply to scent drags and/or scent wicks, fully insert the scent wick or drag and let soak up the urine for aprox 10 to 15 seconds or until fully saturated.
• Use 12-15 drops when creating new mock scrapes and use about 8-10 drops once a week when maintaining scrapes.

*Refer to our Regional Rut Guide Tab to determine approximately what phase of the rut your in.

Determine what phase of the rut your hunting location is in with our exclusive Regional Rut Guide Map that is coming soon!

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