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Ultimate Hunter Pack

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The 100% Pure Urine Ultimate Hunter Pack

Package Contains

  • One 8lb Fat Rax Mineral
  • One 2oz Misfortune
  • One 2oz Bewitched
  • One 2oz Ecstasy
  • One Limb Licker
  • One Mystic
  • One Misfortune Scent Dabs
  • One Bewitched Scent Dabs
  • One Ecstasy Scent Dabs
  • One Cold Spell
  • One Black Magic Scent

This Ultimate Hunter Pack is a great starter bundle for the season.

-Fat Rax is formulated to provide your deer with all the key vitamins and minerals to increase the max potential for antler growth. Fat Rax also provides the nutrients for a nursing doe to sustain a healthy supply of milk during the spring when foliage and other nutritional food supply is not in abundance yet.

-Bewitched is a natural whitetail doe in estrus urine. Bewitched is one of our top selling products and is used exclusively to draw whitetail bucks in close and personal during the rut. 

-Misfortune is a natural dominant buck urine used to draw and challenge the dominant whitetail bucks in your area. Misfortune is one of our top selling scent attractant products along with our Bewitched.

-Ecstasy Peak Rut Blend is infused with our special formula containing Vaginal, Anal, Tarsal and Interdigital Glands. Formulated for the peak rut by supercharging the doe in estrus blend. 

- Limb Licker is our secret formula that is blended to strike curiosity by enticing and attracting deer to communicate on a community licking branch and bucks will find out who's their competition. 

-Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent contains extracted glands from the forehead, tear duct, ear wax, mouth, and lip saliva.  Mystic can be applied to the licking branch of mocks scrapes, real scrapes, mock rubs, and real rubs

-Cold Spell keep your deer urine cool and fresh in the field with a Cold Spell canister. The Cold Spell is a desired accessory by many for when the days are warm. Cold Spell canisters are vacuumed sealed, adding a protective layer locking out the heat.

- Jinx'em Scent Dabs are a specialized polymer capsule designed to retain a longer more natural state of liquid by preventing the urine to dry up which causes the scent to ultimately fade away. Scent Dabs provide you a longer more consistent scent release.

- Black Magic is a Copper Infused Activated Carbon Formula designed to help manage human odor. Shake well prior to use and thoroughly spray each layer of clothing and footwear as you dress in the field and focus on sweat gland areas the most. For best results, re-apply when in stand location. Especially if you have perspired on the walk in.


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Pre-Orders begin shipping on September 6th 2022.

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