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Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent

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Mystic is a Preorbital Gland Scent to help increase scrape and rub activity.

  • Enhances scrape activity
  • Increase frequency of Buck visits
  • Drip bottle for easy application
  • Contains One 1-ounce bottle

Mystic Preorbital Gland Scent is an incredibly effective way to improve deer hunting success. This unique scent combines the glands from the forehead, tear duct, ear wax, mouth, and lip saliva to naturally replicate the scent of a wild deer. Apply Mystic to your scrapes or rubs to increase the chances of getting deer to your site. Get ready for an amazing deer hunting experience!

    When to use?
    • Can be used year around with any mock or natural active scraps.
    Where to apply?
    • To the licking branch which is located above the scrap.
    How to use?
    • After locating your licking branch apply about 4-6 drops.
    • Refresh every 4-5 days and no longer than a week.

    *Refer to our Regional Rut Guide Tab to determine approximately what phase of the rut your in.

    Determine what phase of the rut your hunting location is in with our exclusive Regional Rut Guide Map that is coming soon!

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