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Why Fresh and Frozen?


Fresh and Frozen 100% Whitetail Deer Urine - is a huge benefit over the leading products you purchase on the shelves at a store. Those warm bottles of deer urine contain preservatives to keep them from spoiling. Sure, it works wonderful, but with deer having over 200 million receptors in their nose, they smell those and can tell it is not the everyday natural odor. With our freshly bottled and frozen deer urine, you take the odds up in your favor to Jinx'em and FREEZ’EM In Their Tracks with Jinx'em Scents.
Doe Estrus “Bewitched”Fresh 100% Pure Whitetail Urine. No additives or preservatives. Our Doe in Estrus is one of our top selling products that is used exclusively to draw Whitetail Bucks in close and personal.

Dominant Buck “Misfortune” Fresh 100% Pure Whitetail Buck in rut urine. No additives or preservatives. Our Buck in Rut urine works year-round for monitoring mock scrapes and is an excellent cover scent. As early season approaches “Misfortune” can be used to find out which bucks are still present or which bucks may have relocated. In late October and all of November our buck in rut can be used to challenge the big bucks in your area by encroaching into theirs. “Misfortune” works on all age class animals including Bucks, Does and Fawn.
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