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Syn-Ecstasy Scent Dabs

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Syn-Ecstasy Scent Dabs Peak Rut Blend is a Supercharged Synthetic Doe in Estrus

  • Supecharged Doe In Estrus
  • Synthetic Urine
  • No Refrigeration Required
  • Longer Lasting
  • Consistent Scent Release
  • Attract Mature Buck
  • 4 Ounce Container

Syn-Ecstasy Peak Rut Blend is infused with our special formula containing a synthetic blend that mimics Vaginal, Anal, Tarsal and Interdigital Glands. Formulated for the peak rut by Supercharging the Doe in Estrus blend. 

Jinx'em Scent Dabs are a specialized polymer capsule designed to retain a longer more natural state by preventing the urine from drying up which causes the scent to ultimately fade away. Scent Dabs provide you a longer more consistent scent release.

When to use?
• Use during the peak of rut.
Where to apply?
• Create a new mock scrape and or refresh current mock scraps. Also works well when applied to natural active scraps that deer are maintaining.
How to use?
• Use a stick or any tool to loosen up the ground of the scrap.
• Apply 15-20 beads from the jar to the area you just worked up.

*Refer to our Regional Rut Guide Tab to determine approximately what phase of the rut your in.

Determine what phase of the rut your hunting location is in with our exclusive Regional Rut Guide Map that is coming soon!

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