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It is REAP WHAT YOU SOW MONTH and that means 2 things this year.  25% OFF SALE with code SEED2023 on the last page of checkout as well as add a new food plot season to our line.  Say Hello to HIDEOUT!

Create the perfect environment that make deer feel safe and secure, provide warmth during winter months and comfort.  HIDEOUT is our Premium Switchgrass Seed and creates the perfect area where deer can rest or spend time during the day.  HIDEOUT is a perennial warm season grass that is great for establishing cover and wildlife habitat.  It is an awesome addition to your property for deer, turkey an upland bird.  It grows from 3'-6' depending on soil environment.  It can take some time to establish but once established and proper maintenance (Mowing or Burning) it will last a lifetime.  HIDEOUT can adapt to a variety of growing conditions as well as has an extensive root system that helps to provide great erosion control.

2.25# per 1/4 acre - 10# per acre

PH Range 5.8-7.0

Seed depth 1/4"

Maturity is 90-120 days

Does best in full sun, well drained and moderately drained soils

Planting dates can be spring and summer for North and Midwest.  It is not recommended for the southern states.

Here are some advantages of deer bedding:

1. Safety: Deer bedding provides a safe place for deer to rest and avoid predators. When they feel safe, they are less likely to be stressed, which can have positive effects on their health and behavior.
2. Warmth: During cold weather, bedding areas provide insulation from the cold ground and protection from wind, snow and rain. This is particularly important for fawns and pregnant does.
3. Comfort: Deer bedding can also be a comfortable place for deer to rest as it can be created using materials such as leaves, grass, and other natural debris that provide cushioning.
4. Scent control: By choosing an area with low visibility and using natural materials for bedding, deer can conceal their presence and scent, which can reduce their exposure to predators and make them less vulnerable to danger.
5. Improved hunting: Creating bedding areas for deer can also improve hunting success as it attracts deer to a specific location and encourages them to remain in the area for longer periods of time, increasing the chances of a successful hunt
6. Habitat management: Deer bedding can be used as part of an overall strategy for wildlife habitat management. By creating bedding areas, it can help to balance the overall population of deer in the area and can promote overall herd health.
HIDEOUT is the perfect seed to create the best environment for your deer to feel secure and increase your success this hunting season.
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